Our Services

Income Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Our clientele brings unique tax and accounting scenarios. Our clients own multiple business entities and diverse personal and business holdings that create complex income tax planning and compliance issues. We take a holistic approach, looking at each client’s complete financial picture and any possible area of concern. We help them navigate challenging and constantly changing tax laws, identify areas of potential vulnerability, and discuss solutions to mitigate these issues.

  • Preparation of complex individual, partnership, corporation, and trust income tax returns
  • Staying ahead of tax filings. Periodic and transactional projections, keeping clients aware of all current opportunities and ensuring there are no surprises
  • Analysis of new tax laws or regulations to determine how they affect clients

Strategic Transaction Planning for Real Estate Enterprises

Our clients are entrepreneurial real estate owners and operators, real estate investors, and real estate funds.

Our deep real estate experience helps us to create transactional and operational strategies to achieve optimal tax results for our clients, whether related to the entities holding the properties or the actual properties.

  • Structuring of purchase/sale transactions involving real estate or real estate-related interests
  • Partnership/LLC structuring, including incoming and outgoing partners, multi-tier partnerships, contributed/distributed assets, preferred returns, and waterfall analysis
  • Depreciation analysis and optimization

Tax-Free Exchanges for Real Estate Owners and Investors

Beyond the value of holding real assets, real estate offers several tax advantages for owners, operators, and investors. 1031 exchanges can help our clients save on taxes by reinvesting the money from the sale of properties. Taking advantage of a 1031 exchange allows our clients to sell a property and acquire a “similar” property without incurring any current income tax. The proper, and often creative, structuring of these transactions is vital for their success and enhanced benefit to the client. Our expert team has extensive experience in 1031 exchanges and uniquely understands the laws and regulations relating to these transactions, which are seldom simple. Often these transactions involve multiple parties and properties with cumulative values in hundreds of millions of dollars. We have experience managing and structuring many of these arrangements for our clients, keeping them compliant and with the most favorable outcome for their scenario.

Estate Planning for High-Net-Worth Real Estate Owners – Keeping Wealth Within the Family

Our successful real estate clients typically have unique estate planning needs and opportunities. Their estates are often relatively illiquid, which presents one set of challenges and opportunities. At the same time, their holdings afford themselves well to creative and highly effective wealth transfer strategies.  Our estate planning and compliance services seek to preserve your family’s legacy and wealth for future generations. Estate planning often requires extra sensitivity to the dynamics of your family. Accordingly, our holistic approach to client service allows us to offer clients a wide range of estate planning and compliance services tailored to their specific needs.

  • Preparation of estate and gift tax returns
  • Strategic multi-generational wealth transfer planning for real estate entrepreneurs, including analysis and integration of financial products and strategies where appropriate
  • Pre- and post-death planning, including intra-family transactions, trust funding strategies, and entity structuring