Expert CPAs Focused on Strategic and Customized Tax Services for Real Estate Businesses and Real Estate Owners.

Tax planning and compliance for real estate enterprises and real estate owners and other high-net-worth individuals requires special attention. Based in Beverly Hills, our team has decades of experience, with a focus of expertise that enables us to recommend and execute strategic and customized solutions in achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.

Our focus includes:

  • Tax Planning – periodic and transactional
  • Tax Compliance for complex entities and individuals
  • Analysis of new tax laws/regulations to identify all opportunities for our clients
  • Transactional & strategic tax planning for real estate enterprises
  • Tax-free “1031” exchanges
  • Estate Planning -multi-generational planning for high-net-worth real estate families

Our Work Starts with Understanding Our Clients

Properly serving our clients starts with intimately understanding their businesses, investments, personalities, culture, and beliefs about money and taxes. From there we can best plan our efforts to achieve their short- and long-term financial objectives. Being aware of how our clients think and approach money and taxes can better help us plan for their long-term success.

There are many moving parts and complexities in the financial lives of high-net-worth families.  We look beyond the scope of their specific inquiries and take a broader approach to identify and resolve issues. Our strategy-based perspective often crosses multiple disciplines, and we encourage teamwork – working alongside our client’s attorneys, appraisers, and other key consultants – to effectuate the most favorable results.